Sunday, 17 September 2017

Monetize Facebook Page In Easy Steps

Monetize Facebook Page

Hi guy's here is the another best platform to earn money online by your Facebook account page. If you have any page of Facebook don't miss to monetize it because this is the great opportunity to earn by Facebook Monetization. I know you have a lot of question comes in your mind about 2HowTO place ad on FB page & how much will you earn etc. But my dear reader you know what? this is not actually for your Facebook Page! this is actually for your Blog or Website which must be linked with your FB page. So guy's now you can understand that it will be monetize the content which is available on your sites.

Right now it's not easy to say that it is just like other platform Google Adsense, but I think it will be effective same.  Know come to the point that how can apply for facebook ad? the answer is to easy because you have to post just your five quality post on your fb page before you hit the signup button. 

I will guide you to how to monetize facebook page step by step in the easiest way. 

earn money by monetize

how to earn by Facebook

  1. Signup to Instant Article FB (with your facebook account) 
  2. Go to the Publishing Tool
  3. Click on Instant Article 
After these step Facebook will review your page or blog just like Adsense &


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  1. This is brilliant info. Thanks for this fabulous share. I really didn’t know all this at all but now will surely follow your tips to grow the audience for my new blog. Even I am willing to employ facebook ads management services too. It will be good if you can share any recommendations here.


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