Thursday, 28 September 2017

Easy Convert Website Into Android App

Easy Convert Website Into Android App

Guy's today we'll learn how to make an Android App or convert any website into mobile app. I know its not easy to describe but i'll tell you easy tips in 2howto which can be fastest trick to make your website app

You need to download first Android Studio and install it with complete sdk tools. Now open the android studio it will take short time depends on your pc or lappy speed. After open you will get this window ....

1) Create A New Project

 then click on Start a new Android Studio Project & you will get another window like this
now fill your Application name above the my application & the company domain above the then click on next, after that you'll get another window where you'll see get to choose the different platform of android application. Here is my suggestion to choose minimum version of android because you'll get more devices.
   now you can click on next to get next option to select activity of your app
Ff you making first time i'll recommend you to choose basic activity. now click on the next button and get customize the activity window.
well click on the finish button & start the coding, here you will get all the important code which is helpful to convert website to android app 

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